“A disruptive innovation is an innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market leaders and alliances.” (Wikipedia)

So what makes technology like sixth sense or google glass a disruptive technology or innovation? When google glass came on the scene in 2013 it was doing so to create a different type of experience from the ones that many smartphone users were currently having. Smartphones allowed you to have a touch sensitive device, a camera, and a visual display all at your fingertips. Google glass broke into the scene by letting people know they could have similar but different experience using their product and having all of the usability of a smartphone in a wearable piece of hands free technology.

When I first started at my institution one of our instructors was heavily using google glass. He was mostly doing so to record his lectures and to take images from the things he was seeing and experiencing. Socially it was great because it was an innovative idea and an innovative piece of software. However, it was a bit too much for our campus culture, so the faculty member is known as an outlier in the campus culture surrounding technology.

From my experience in looking at google glass and some of the benifits that this technology could have, well there are some pretty intersting things out there. One of the coolest things i have ever seen with google glass was a viola player play his instrument and record it on google glass. https://youtu.be/jwAAR4-nuqE and then with wine glasses https://youtu.be/KOfSqhHkfyc  Another area where google glass has come into play is medical doctors who used it in operating rooms. https://youtu.be/YZtNO2OnSqY

The prediction of how long these items will be around until another emergent technology or disruptive technology replaces it doesn’t need to be a prediction anymore. These items have been shelfed for other projects. While google glass claims that it will be re released in another variation, I am not sure how traditional to the original google glass that will be.

My prediction is that the new google glass that may come out will look very similar to the Oculus VR. Oculus already provides the same types of experiences of music, environmental factors, operating rooms, it is all being programmed for VR devices. Even Facebook at F8 gave all the developers there Oculus devices so they could experience VR and program for it. Facebook is planning on VR being the hip thing in about 10 years.  

It is going to be a constant, this aspect of disruptive technologies. However the skill that needs to be taught is for how a user can evaluate the technology to see if it’s sustainable and right for their use. The harder the disruption due to media sensation, the more certain the product will eventually falter in popularity if the structure and support for the technology isn’t built by the company.
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